And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie is about ten people who have been invited to a mansion on a little island called Soldier Island, by the mysterious Mr. N.Owen, who poses as a friend of a friend or a client. Once there the people find that their host is not actually there. Instead, people start to die one at a time, in accordance to a rhyme in each bedroom. Soon the murderer is going to be the only one left on the island if the others don’t get it together and find the murderer before it’s too late.

I LOVED this book. Agatha Christie is the best mystery writer I have ever read, and this one is my favorite of all her books. The characters are so real, and the solutions to the crime is so unexpected, but so clever. Some people are afraid that her books are too violent, but they really aren’t. They have death and murder in them, but it is never very graphic. Trust me, I’m not a fan of guts and blood. I would say kids from nine to a hundred and fifty would enjoy this book.


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