Dragon Keeper

Dragon Keeper, by Carole Wilkinson, is about a poor slave girl who works for the Imperial Dragon Keeper. The dragon keeper, Master Lan, looks after the dragons, but he is a cruel hard man, and never looks after the dragons, making it the slave girl’s job. Soon it is discovered that Lan is in on a plot to kill the last dragon and sell the parts to necromancers and other evil doers. The dragon selects the girl to help him escape and get to the ocean, where he can be healed in order to get back to the wild. The dragon, Danzi, brings with him a beautiful stone that he puts in front of his own safety. Can the now free slave help the dragon? And what is this strange stone?

I wasn’t sure at first that I was going to like this book, because it wasn’t me who decided to read it, but when I started it, I really began to love it. The author was so good, that she made me hate and love characters almost as though they were real people. I recommend this book to any girl who loves adventure and fantasy. If you read this book and loved it, try the sequel, the Garden of the Purple Dragon. I give this four out of five stars.


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