Emilie and the Hollow World

In Emilie and the Hollow World by Martha Wells, Emilie is running away from her Uncle Yeric, Emilie coverand plans to stow away on the passenger ferry Merry Bell, but her plans are turned around when one of the guards finds her. Quickly, she swims over to the nearest ship and hides within it, but she is in for a surprise when the ship sinks below the surface and all those aboard are protected by a magical barrier that keeps the pressure and water at bay. Emilie is then told that they are going to travel through a chasm in the ocean floor to the center of the earth, where a whole different kind of world makes their home. The objective of the mission is to retrieve Doctor Marlende from the place where he is trapped, but Emilie and the crew will have to travel through hostile territory to get to him.

What a wonderful book! This author has a fabulous imagination to write a book as creative as this one. Full of adventure, this book has a few expletives, like the s-word(I don’t mean stupid). I’m not really sure what age group to put this in because of the swearing, but if you know all the four letter words, and you are older than eight, this is probably a good read for you, especially if you love discovery and magic. Also, for all you romance haters, this book is for you. There is no falling in love from the main character, and the little love that is there isn’t mushy and gross.


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